How to Use Emu Oil For Nail Fungus

An Emu, scientifically known as Dromaius novaehallandiae which is native to the Australian culture of the Aborigan clan and is believed to have been used for more than 40,000 years but has now widely spread to other countries due to its in-demand nutritious emu oils and emu meats. The Emu oils are mostly yellowish, mostly made up of the bird’s fats, which are found below the skin of the bird.


The fats are produced by processing, in which after collection, the fats are channeled through many filters (which helps reduce the number of contaminants and bacteria) where they are processed until a pure oil is produced. The different oil types mostly depend on the filter and processing levels undertaken hence making the oils differ in terms of the amount of fats acids available. They are used for ear inflammation, arthritis as an oil for massage, reduction of bone loss which is mostly due to the process of chemotherapy, reduction of cholesterol, treatment of ulcers, reduction of breast sensitivity especially by breastfeeding mothers and the inflammatory bowel syndrome

Functions of Emu oils on the nails

The EMUAID for nail fungus, in this case, is an ointment which is designed in a way that it can be able to penetrate the skins and nails too:

  • kill the fungus in the nails
  • prevent bacteria from getting into the nails
  • boost the nails by increasing the flow of oxygen
  • help repair dry discolored and brittle nails
  • Lastly, heal the skin under the nails.

How it works

The ointment is applied on top of the nails and the skin surrounding it, after which it penetrates the damaged parts of the nails into the inner surface where it helps eliminate the fungi, which causes irritation and infections. It gets dipped into the surface where its healing substances begin to repair the discolored nails. It also helps prevent future occurrence of the diseases caused by the fungus, and the oil helps increase the blood flow in the nails, which therein helps nourish the nails and boost their immunity to fungal infections.

Advantages of using the Emu oils

  • It’s made of natural ingredients
    The EMUAID are made up of highly concentrated medical ingredients, which include: Bacillus Ferment, Tea Tree Oil, Ceramide 3, Phytosphingosine, and the HPUS Argentum. Which contains broad healing properties and free from chemicals.
  • It’s safe for use for all ages
    The Oils are safe for any age group from the young to the aged as it contains no side effects.
  • It’s effective for use by many skin conditions
    The conditions include hemorrhoids, poison ivy, and psoriasis. It helps reduce the amount of pain, inflammation, and infections related to the above conditions. They can also help reduce the pains caused by bruises, ulcers, and sunburns
  • It’s scientifically proven to be capable of penetrating deeply into the Nail beds.

The ingredients are very powerful hence can penetrate the skin of the nails providing hence healing the fungal infections from the base.

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